Why buy avocados online?

Save time and purchase avocados fresh from the farm online! Ordering avocados has never been so easy, or delicious. Check out the details below.

Fresh delivery to your door

Orchard fresh and simply the best! BayFarms offer safe, fast and delivery to your home or workplace. Heck, we’ll even deliver orders to your chosen loved ones or friends. Our online shop makes avo eating easy.

Handled by the growers and packers only

We get it, touching avocados is not only a measure of ripeness, but a feel good moment in everyone’s day.  However these prodded, poked or squeezed avocados can be bruised and ruined easily. The good news? BayFarms avocados are fondle free, only handled by trained professionals!

Beat the heat! Never run out avocados again

With BayFarms avocado subscription service, you’ll be chomping on avos in next to no time. Have avocados delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly; it’s that easy. BayFarms delicious avocados quickly delivered to your door? Delightful. 


Why buy avocados online from BayFarms?

Quality guaranteed

Avocado aficionados from the start, BayFarms quality control process is second to none, only the best avocados leave the farm, and we guarantee it. If you are not happy with the batch we have sent you, we can offer you a full refund or we will replace free of charge.

Fast delivery

For North Island orders placed between Monday and Thursday, we aim to have your order arrive overnight.  Orders placed between Friday and Sunday may take a day or two longer. For our South Island customers, orders placed between Monday and Wednesday will be delivered in three days, with orders between Thursday and Sunday taking xxx to arrive.

Bay Of Plenty origin

Sourced from the Bay of Plenty region and grown by dedicated local farmers, BayFarms avocados are infamous for being delicious. A bit of Bay of Plenty sunshine mixed with nutrient-rich volcanic soil produces exceptional flavours that can’t be beat!

Start with a small order

Purchasing avocados online ensures the tastiest, fondle free avos available.  Try our small tube that come with 5 avocados, a great price for an entry order. The tube is the perfect sample size to test our delicious avocados.

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