Not your average About Us story…

Meet Ron and Alister, they’re old mates from the Bay of Plenty and they’ve been growing avocados since way back. In 1995 they formed BayFarms and made it their mission to bring delicious top-quality avocados to the people of New Zealand.

But they didn’t stop there: When it comes to sustainability they want to set an example and are constantly working on making every step of the way good for the environment, good for the community and good for business. No compromise.

When the internet came along it proved an opportunity too good to miss and BayFarms was launched online. Now we can offer you delicious avocados direct to your door. It’s almost as though Alister or Ron picked, packed and sent the box to you personally.

Now with more than 200 growers from all over this fair country, you can eat delicious BayFarms’ avocados in restaurants, sushi bars and cafes, and find them in supermarkets almost all year round.

And Ron and Alister are still thinking of ideas to make things better.

The dream team…

As BayFarms grew, so too did our team. Ron’s son Chris joined and helps keep us rocking along. He’s as keen on avos as his dad so you could say it’s in their DNA.

If you’ve bought a box of avocados from our website it’s likely you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Zara. She looks after our lovely online customers, managing orders, stock and delivery. Her sunny personality matches the BayFarms ethos.