Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order be dispatched?

North Island
We send off your North Island orders Monday to Thursday.

South Island
We ship to the South Island on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and they’ll be with you in two days, all going to plan.

For our lovely rural customers, it may take an extra day or to reach you but we’re sure you’re used to that – we’re rural too!

When will my order arrive?

A track and trace link is emailed to you when your order is dispatched.

Is your fruit spray free/Organic?

Our avocados are not organic, but they still meet the strict criteria around spraying and sustainability which means your fruit is grown safely and responsibly.

When it is available we do have organic green and gold kiwifruit that is grown by BioGro certified growers. Choose a box and gulp them down, yum yum!

Can I change my subscription or account details?

Yes you can change your subscription or account details on our website

Follow these steps:

  1. Login
  2. Click ‘subscription’ then ‘view’
  3. Click ‘Edit details’

If I order regular large quantities can I receive a discount?

No sorry. Our big boxes are already great value and include delivery, GST and a quality guarantee. They are hard to beat!

What size will my fruit be?

Our standard avos are between 208-256gms per fruit.  Our small avos are between 123-161gms each.

Our standard kiwifruit are between 128-151gms each. Our small kiwifruit are between 82 – 91gms each.

What is the season for avocados and kiwifruit?

The main avocados season is October to March but we do our best to have avos for you all year round!

The kiwifruit season is form April until November, so stock up on your vitamin C while you can.

What form of payment is required?

We accept payment from MasterCard and Visa through Stripe secure service for repeat purchases.  We also accept direct bank transfers for one-off orders. Your order will be dispatched upon receipt of cleared funds based on your location.

Click here for more information.

What if the price changes and I have a regular credit card subscription?

Good question! When this happens, we will let you know at least seven days before and give you the chance to keep going, change or stop your subscription.

If the price decreases your subscription will be automatically updated to the new lower price. Cue: happy dance!

What if I am not happy with the fruit I receive?

We want you to L-O-V-E the fruit we send you so if you’re not happy please email us at [email protected], or ring us on (07) 573 0622.

What is the cost of Shipping?

North Island
Urban- $5.20-$6.50
Rural- $9.20-10.50


South Island
Urban- $8.60-$10.50
Rural- $11.50-$14.50